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JISHOU, HUNAN — My friend Nora and I have cooked up a plan, and we need the help of some hopeless romantics out there in Internet land.

Nora’s friend wants to propose to his girlfriend soon and wants to give her something really special to convince her he’s the right guy for her. Trouble is, he is as poor as a church mouse, so Nora came up with an idea. Here’s where I (and you) come in.

We want to compile a video of different people in their native languages (or in any languages they can speak) to say the following: “Will Sun Dan please marry Xiang Pei Dong? He is a really great guy!” [In Chinese, that’s “孙丹嫁给向培东?他是好男人!” Sūn Dān jiàgěi Xiàng Péidōng? Tā shì hǎo nānrén!]

Since I have Facebook friends all over the world, I volunteered to ask them to contribute to the video. This is the first request. I will ask many of you directly over the next few days. I am hoping for a good cross-section of languages. If you can make a video while standing near a prominent local landmark, that’s even better. Don’t worry about pronouncing their names just right. They’ll understand.

You can send your greetings (audio, video and written) to my addy: john DOT wheaton AT gmail DOT com. Then Nora and I will do the compilation. The deadline is Dec. 31. So, do it now!