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JISHOU, HUNAN — For the last few days I’ve had this snippet of a song in my head — just the melody, not the lyrics. Gah! Some ’80s song was all I could remember about it.

This evening, I decided to put my mind at rest and find the damn thing in the Internet. Searching on the few words I could remember was fruitless. Do you know how many songs rhyme “hurt you” with “desert you”?

Then I remembered there’s an iPhone app that allows you to sing or play a tune and then identify it. While I don’t have an iPhone, I reasoned there must be a website that does the same thing. And there is: www.midomi.com to the rescue.

It was the melody to the chorus that was stuck in my head. Here are the complete lyrics:

Someday love will find you
break those chains that bind you.
One night will remind you
how we touched and went our separate ways.
If he ever hurts you,
true love won’t desert you.
You know I still love you,
though we touched and went our separate ways.

Congratulations if you have identified the song. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) was a big hit for Journey (a band I never really cared for) in 1983. And don’t ask me why I didn’t care for Journey. I haven’t given them a thought in almost 30 years. (Has it really been that long? Yikes!)

Ah, and now I discover, courtesy of Wikipedia, that the song used was in Tron: Legacy, which I watched not too long ago. My reaction to the movie was about the same as my reaction to Journey. Meh. But the after effect of watching the flick was getting that song hook stuck in my head, where it lay dormant until it resurfaced unbidden last week like seasonal allergies. (From which I no longer suffer, by the way, having escaped the allergy breeding ground of the world, the Ohio River Valley.)

Playing the song is supposed to clear the tune from your mind. Excuse me while I use some mental floss.