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JISHOU, HUNAN — An inept Photoshopping of some local Chinese officials inspecting a new road has generated a flurry of more creative versions of the same image among Chinese netizens.

A photographer took two photos of three officials out in the countryside, and decided to doctor them into a more appealing image for the county government website. Here’s the original images:

The original photos

And here’s the ‘shopped version, as it appeared on the website.

The doctored image

You will note, I hope, that the three gentleman appear to be hovering over the roadway. The image was promptly removed from the website and the photographer reprimanded, after parodies of the doctored image went viral. Here are a few examples.

In President Barack Obama’s briefing room:

Briefing room

On the Moon:

On the Moon

On a movie set:

Pr0n movie

On the soccer field:


On Cristo Redentor, Rio:

Cristo Redentor

More examples are here and here.