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JISHOU, HUNAN — We finished the unit on the ancient Romans with a test Friday. I made four versions, to minimize copying from neighbors (more about that some other time). Here’s one for you to test your knowledge of Western Culture.

FALL 2010
TEST #2: The Romans (25 points)

IDENTIFICATIONS. Use a few words or a sentence to identify the following people, places or things. Be specific to get full credit! (1 point each)
1. Rome
2. Italy
3. Gaul
4. Julius Caesar
5. Octavian (Augustus Caesar)
6. Constantine I
7. Constantinople
8. The Senate
9. plebeians
10. patricians

DISCUSSION. Answer the following with at least two or three sentences. Some questions may require more explanation. (3 points each) (Use the other side of the paper if needed.)
11. What were the three main periods of Roman history? Please give approximate dates for each period.

12. What was the basic structure of the government of the Roman Republic? How was governmental power shared by those in control of the Republic?

13. The Romans “copied” some aspects of Greek culture. Name three Greek creations that the Romans basically imitated (and preserved).

14. The Romans were also innovators – they created new things for later civilizations in Europe to copy. Name three innovations of the Romans.

15. The Romans’ longest lasting and most far reaching contribution to the world was their language, Latin. How has Latin affected society since the end of the Roman Empire?