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[Rescued, thanks to Facebook Notes.]

JISHOU, HUNAN — And when the site went down, I was asleep.

Someone by the name of GhOST61 hacked my public web root directory overnight, replacing every index.xxx file with his own 40-byte masterpiece:

Hacked By GHoST61 — TurkSec

Fortunately, his little infiltration was but a minor annoyance, since all I needed to do was replace his index.xxx files with the correct ones. Once my daughter told me about the hack, I had everything (apparently) back to normal within an hour. It pays to have backups.

Meanwhile, I asked my web host to see how this guy managed to screw up my sites. From what I hastily read on the Internet this afternoon, he (or she) has done this to hundreds of sites all over the world. I’d like to find out how he did it, so I can prevent it from happening again.

As for your GhOST61, thanks for pointing out the fragility of our websites. Now, go fuck yourself.