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JISHOU, HUNAN — The Muslim haters in the USA are now up in arms about Campbell’s marketing soups that are halal — halal is to Muslims what kosher is to Jews.

They believe that the evul Mooslims have infiltrated Campbell’s (and Kellogg’s, it seems) to sell halal food in preparation for some imagined large scale Mooslim takeover of the US of A.

Raving lunatic Pamela Geller (of anti-“megamosque” at “Ground Zero” fame) is encouraging a boycott of Campbell’s. Considering she has maybe 100 or so loyal followers — and that’s being generous — I doubt Campbell’s will much care.

Apparently, in their conspiracy-plagued minds, Geller, Robert Spencer and other wackjobs, if you connect the dots, somehow offering halal foods to American shoppers somehow translates into aiding and abetting terrorists and an Islamic takeover of the US legal system.

I buy halal hotdogs in my local supermarket here in Jishou, mostly to avoid eating yet more pork. (They are labeled “Muslim food,” so maybe they are not officially halal.) So, if we follow the “logic” of Geller, et alia, Jishou will soon be a satellite state of the Taliban, or something.

How long has kosher food been sold in the USA? As a wild guess, I’d say at least a century. Last I checked, the US has not yet become another Jewish state. Although as the on-air rants of former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez demonstrates, some people would say the verdict is still out on that possibility.

When Hebrew National and Manichevitz start selling halal hot dogs and Passover wine, THEN I will worry.