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JISHOU, HUNAN — Whilst traveling last week, I tried sending posts from my phone to the blog, with less than wonderful results.

Don’t get me wrong, the wp-mail.php script is a great feature of WordPress. You set up a secret email account, point WP to check the account, and it will take plaintext messages and post them on your blog. It didn’t work so smoothly for me, though.

First, my account with China Mobile doesn’t seem to have email services, but I can send multimedia messages. When I tried that with WordPress, it just took the MIME portion of the message and printed it as ASCII gobbledegook. So, I took the same message and sent it first to Gmail, which did display the text. But forwarding that message without the MIME attachment to WP just resulted in a blank post. In the end, I had to use a browser to post the blogs.

Clearly, I need to enable email services on my mobile account. It will make blogging while traveling a little more spontaneous.