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JISHOU, HUNAN — According to former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has what President Obama doesn’t — balls — because Brewer dealt directly with the state’s illegal immigration problem.

Since “balls” is too rude a word for such a God-fearing woman as Señora Palin to use, she instead used the Spanish slang, “cojones.” Or maybe she was trying to show off how street-wise she is. After all, Obama used “Sí, se puede,” during his campaign.

Of course, Obama was trying to appeal to potential supporters who speak Spanish natively. Palin used Spanish slang to criticize Obama’s supposed inability to deal with undocumented Spanish-speaking immigrants.

Was she even aware of the irony? Or the fact that Obama, as a man, is more likely to literally have cojones than Brewer (a woman, btw)? Or was she trying to make a joke? I doubt it.

Here’s what she said on air Sunday, referring to the controversial Arizona state law SB 1070:

Palin said on “Fox News Sunday” that Arizona’s female Republican governor has “the cojones that our president does not” when it comes to securing America‘s borders.

“This is a temporary suspension of some of the key elements in the law that Jan Brewer pushed hard for Arizonans and for the rest of the country to have the result of us being more secure,” said Palin.

[I have said it before, but I’ll say it again. My ESL students in China speak English better than Palin does. The syntax of that last sentence is so convoluted that it almost makes no sense.]

Palin’s word-salad punditry neatly skirts the issue that most of SB 1070 was unconstitutional, because it
gives the state powers that are actually federal by law, and would violate equal protection rights to boot.

So, in Palin’s mind, Brewer’s signing a patently unconstitutional (and therefore eventually ineffective) bill into law is much more ballsy than doing whatever Obama (meaning the federal government) is doing. Maybe she imagines a masked Obama should be riding the range on a white horse, accompanied by his faithful companion, Biden-o, and scaring those Mexicans back across the border with his silver tongue.

Or something.