JISHOU, HUNAN — I forgot to mention one other limitation of the new, improved Great Firewall of China (the Tholian Web*) — I can no longer upload my photos to my Picasaweb account.

I paid for 80 GB of storage there, and I now I can’t get to it. Now I’m really pissed!

Strangely, until China initiated the Tholian Web, I couldn’t get to my Picasaweb site with my browser, but I could use Picasa 3 to upload my photos there. Then, my Facebook visitors could see the photos under my page’s Picasa tab. Now even uploading photos to Picasaweb is impossible, perhaps as a result of Google pulling its operations off the mainland and into Hong Kong. Or some weird technical glitch with Picasa 3’s latest upgrade.


Anyway, since my Flickr space is nearing its capacity for a free account, I opened an account at Photobucket. You can see some photos of Beijing and Tianjin there (including the ones already at Picasaweb) and videos I’ve made of my students with my cell phone.

If you’re feeling really brave, you can also visit my QQ zone (QQ is China’s AOL equivalent) to see my photos there, but all the menus are in Chinese. Look for the 相册 (xiàng cè — album) tab.

Tholian Web-TOS* Tholian Web — First seen in the original Star Trek series, a Tholian Web is an impenetrable energy trap “spun” by the Tholians around a space ship. Needless to say, the resourceful crew of the USS Enterprise manage to escape.