JISHOU, HUNAN — Constance McMillen, whose Mississippi high school barred her from coming to her prom in a tux with her girlfriend, has transferred to an unnamed school in Jackson.

McMillen will graduate on June 2. An extremist religious group still plans to picket what would have been her graduation ceremony from Itawamba Agricultural High School.

The high school senior asked school officials if she could bring her girlfriend to the prom, and if McMillen could wear a tuxedo, too. The school said no. When the American Civil Liberties Union got involved, the school canceled the prom. A judge then required the school to have a prom which McMillen could attend.

They did, while the majority of the graduating class had a much bigger event at a local country club. The school is now denying it intended to have a “sham” prom. Yeah, whatever.

Westboro idjits
The Westboro Baptist Church, a loonie bunch of anti-gay, anti-Jew, anti-you name it hatemongers, protested the Itawamba prom last Saturday, because the school and parents had failed to teach their kids how evil homosexuality — and girls in tuxes* — are.

* Like this one (though she’s actually in tails … and black fishnet stockings — and boots. The boots make her really evil. I would be willing to personally test that hypothesis, though.)